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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ted Mullin Wrap Up

This team loves cupcakes
This was definitely a special year for the Ted Mullin Hour of Power and Bates College. Early in the semester our Spirit Committee, led by Andrew Seaton, Lyndsay Wallace, and Andrew Briggs decided to get the team on board with a fundraising competition.  They picked the six relays and told them the team which raised the most would get a "fabulous prize" from the coaching staff.  Who can deny the power of a "fabulous prize"?

Well, what started out as six different teams asked to fundraise at least a minimum of $35 each turned out to be the whole team working together - and raising a whole bunch more.  They set up tables in the library the week of halloween to sell candy to those needing a study break.  They got together to make baked goods during their free time.  They organized a table during our homecoming football game to not only make some money, but also spread the word about the Ted Mullin Fund and sarcoma research.  They even called friends, alums, and parents and asked for donations!

It was an all out attack for the Ted Mullin Fund - and you could tell they did it not only because they believe in it - but because they truly love the "Hour of Power."  This event has become a favorite of the team, and teams around the country.  They talk about for several weeks each year.  They look forward to an hour of pain!  And my email inbox gets bombarded every 2nd Tuesday of November with 50+ emails with pictures from coaches around the country who talk about how amazing their Hour of Power just was.

At the Library Late Night
Ted's love of hard work, team, and "leaving it in the pool" truly has brought a nation of swimmers together and made us each feel as though we are part of something special.  Part of something bigger than ourselves.

Homecoming Football Game Sales Table!
I remember sitting in the office just 3 weeks ago, talking with our spirit committee leaders and thinking $200 bucks would be a nice gift to the Ted Mullin Fund from Bates.  I kept telling them if all 180+ teams participating donated $200 the fund would be forever grateful.  $5 each could get us there, and the team should be able to rally around that.  As I mentioned above, they did rally… and rally hard!  I couldn't be more proud to say that today we are putting a check for over $1300 in the mail addressed to Ted Mullin and his fund.

Yes, we raised money to better a great cause… but Ted Mullin just made us better... again.  We are so very grateful and proud to be a part of this event.

Thank you Carleton and the Mullin family for such a great idea and tremendous opportunity to make a difference.

White Caps to honor those that have fought cancer

Coming together for a great cause

Relay Take Offs!

Racing Home!


This is year EIGHT of the Ted Mullin Hour of Power.  I was lucky to be at Bates' first year doing it when I started here in 2007… Below is a quick peek at those who started this event - and made it so important to us!

2007 Hour of Power
(yup thats the whole team!)
Feeling good after leaving it in the pool!


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