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Friday, November 8, 2013

Abroad! Anne Schwarzwalder!

Bobcats in Estonia! It was great catching up with Hannah Chory :)

Hey Coachie!

I hope everything is going swimmingly in the Dirty Lew!! We're coming down to the final 30 days here in the motherland - although I'm actually sending you this from my real motherland, Germany! We get a week-long vacation, so I've been having a blast traipsing around the Schwarzwäld, meeting long lost relatives (literally), and eating the most delicious homemade spätzle.
 Here's a little about my time in St. Pete. To make a long story short, Russia is...... not America. That much I'm sure about. I've had some great times and some weird times over here! There are plenty of stories to be told over training trip, but here are some basics:

1. Giardia. It's in the water.

2. L.L.Bean is not a thing here. Unless you're wearing stilettos and a leather jacket, you're clearly foreign. We've been rocking the Bean Boots anyways though, since there was never really any hope for us fitting in to begin with! 

3. After adjusting to a 3.5+ mile roundtrip walk to/from school, I will never complain about Frye Street ever again.
4. Moscow is great place to go if you want to time travel. You can stand in one place and see buildings from the 1400s next to Stalin era complexes next to modern high rises. It's pretty amazing!

5. Never order a salad or pizza unless you really REALLY like mayo.

And here are some pictures of some things….

I feel like royalty here in the Schwarzwäld, everything has my name on it!

Kogan and I at Catherine the Great's Palace back in September when it was still 70 degrees outside! Now it's mostly 40-50 and rainy. (No snow yet)

Inspiration for some much needed Smith renovations... (Catherine's Place)

Alright, nothing can compete with Allie's landscape pics, but the Crimean coast at sunset was pretty freakin' gorgeous. And we did some laps in the Black Sea, because why not?

I hope the season has started smoothly, and I can't wait to meet all the new Bobcats on training trip! See you soon!


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