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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dempsey Weekend!

The team has really taken to helping out in the community and getting involved in some great causes. Raising money for cancer support and research in Lewiston at the Patrick Dempsey Center is an important part of what it means to be a Bates Swimmer and Diver.  We have definitely embraced this opportunity and enjoyed making a difference in people's lives.  On top of getting involved and helping out, the team raised over $1100 to help the cause.  How awesome!

With 1/2 a dozen competing in the 10k run, another dozen cheering, and a final dozen dressed up in veggie costumes to run with the kids in the "Whole Health Hero Zone," this program truly made an impact - and had some fun!

And of course you know it is a swimmer in that Bobcat Costume!
Who's having more fun?! The kids or the Veggies?

Huge props to my wife (and family) for running the KidZone.
"The best it has ever been!"

Cheer Station!  Nothing better than some loud swimmers and divers cheering you home!

The man himself, Patrick Dempsey

10K? No Problem!

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