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Monday, September 23, 2013

Abroad! Hannah Chory

Hannah (on the right) with friends
Hi Coach!

I hope that the first week of school has gone well and that it has not been too stressful :)

Copenhagen is great! We have had three and a half weeks of school so far, but one of the weeks was core course week, so we went away with our core course. My core course is medical practice and policy, so we went to Aarhus in Western Denmark for three days, where we visted different hospitals and learned about MRI's and cool research they are doing on pigs and rabbit hearts! We also visited a
Driftwood at Nimis!
general practitioners office and learned a lot about the Danish health care system. It is free for everyone and so different from here! Education is also free and students get paid monthly to go to college here! It is crazy. We also did a medical immersion study and I went to a facility, Danish Institute of Medical Simulation, that has dummies to simulate medical processes and diseases so doctors can practice as if it were a real situation. We got to do CPR and EKG's on the dummies, which was cool as well. I also went on a hiking and canoeing trip to Sweden a few weekends ago and that was beautiful. We went to a really cool driftwood structure on a beach called Nimis! You should look it up, it was amazing. (Editor's note: I did!  Click here)

All of my classes seem good. My favorite class is Danish and we get to go on a lot of field trips and eat good pastries :) They seem to be a little bit more work than I was expecting, but we have a lot of travel breaks, which will definitely break up the work. For my first travel break, which starts the last week of Sept, I am going to Munich, Galway, Cork, and Edinburgh, to visit friends from highschool which I am really looking forward to.

I can't believe I have already been here a month.

Other than that, not much else is new. Hope everything is going well with your fam and the freshmen and rest of the team! I miss Bates (funny how things change :) ) - and am looking forward to seeing everyone when I get back!


PS. The first picture is of me and some friends in Nyhavn, a part of Copenhagen on the water. The second one is me eating a flodbolle (spelling?) - It is marshmallow covered in chocolate with coconut or other topping flavors and it is a delicious, favorite Danish dessert.

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