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Monday, September 23, 2013

2013-2014 Captains

Left to Right: Matt Gagne '15, Emilie Geissinger '14, Venka Duvvuri '14, Emily Depew '14


Matt Gagne '15:
Hometown: Winnetka, Illnois
Major, Minor, GEC - Economics Major, Math Minor
Hopes for this year - Higher NESCAC team finish than last year, making D3 NCAA's
Hopes/Plans for next year - Surviving thesis. Graduating
Best Part of Bates - Reese's for breakfast
Favorite Commons Meal - Chicken Tenders and Corn Bread.

Emilie Geissinger '14:
Hometown: Darian, Connecticut
Major, Minor, GEC - Biology Major and History Minor
Hopes for next year - Eventually go into Marine Ecology Research
Best Part of Bates - Living in Maine for the past 4 years
Favorite Commons Meal - Sunday Brunch

Venka Duvvuri '14:
Hometown: South Orange, New Jersey
Major, Minor, GEC - Economics Major with a concentration in chemistry and in law and society
Hopes for this year - Finding a job in finance
Best Part of Bates - The people. They're really fun to be around
Favorite Commons Meal - Pad Thai and toll house pie

Emily Depew '14:
Hometown: Hudson, Ohio
Major, Minor, GEC - Double Major in Politics and French. GEC in Class, Inequity, Poverty, and Justice
Hopes for the Year - Writing a year long Politics Thesis and a half year French Thesis.  I hope to take full advanatge of everything here at Bates and in the Lewiston-Auburn area this last year.
Hopes for Next Year - I hope to do something that makes me happy, and makes other people happy!
Best Part of Bates - The smiles, the laughs, the conversations, the thought, the walking, the running, the swimming, the sunshine, the snow, the energy, the love, the soul, and the heart I have experienced here. This place is inspiring.
Favorite Commons Meal - Black eyed pea, sweet potato chili.

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