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Monday, July 22, 2013

Allie Skaperdas - Abroad In New Zealand


How are you? I hope your summer is going well and has calmed down a bit since camp! I heard the most wonderful things about swim camp! Nell and Kristen and everyone else loved it and had such a blast and made me so jealous that I missed out! I'm sure it was all a huge success, per usual. But I do hope you're having a blast with the fam.

I wanted to let you know that other than Tarbell, New Zealand is the freaking coolest place ever. It's so beautiful. My flat doesn't have central heating, insulation, or double paneled windows... really nothing that is helpful to staying warm in the winter, it's kind of nice though since when I wake up and see my breath in the morning while in my bed, it's like I can never really complain about Maine getting too cold again, right?!

I'm going to share a few pictures with you from my adventures so far, since one in particular I know you'll enjoy! Hopefully my little descriptions here go in the order they appear, if not you're a smart guy, I think you'll be able to figure it out :)

1. View of the city of Dunedin from a farm road a ways away
2. Me and my new sea lion friend Melanie (that was her real name, it was on the tag on her fin)
3. Part of the Otago Peninsula with cool reflections (fun fact: in winter the sun does not rise UP so much as across the north horizon, so even though the light looks hazy, I took this around 11:30am)
4. Me and part of the Otago Peninsula, clearly having a really bad time on my weekend's hike
5. Me and a sheep spine I found (yum)
6. Self explanatory (sweet talked them into a granting me a nonexistent student discount since it's a 3km walk from campus)

Give my best to your family!!! Loving life here but already getting excited to see everyone in December!


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