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Friday, April 26, 2013

Player Profile! Mollie Corcoran '14

Hi Coach!

I've been meaning to email for quite a while! I can't believe it's short term at Bates already. I'm  also very jealous of the warmth and sunshine you are experiencing, it sounds like fun! 

I was super impressed with Bates' showing at NESCAC's this year, I wish I could have made it to Bowdoin and Wes to cheer my teammates on! I was literally glued to my live results those weekends, cheering in my flat in Edinburgh.

I've been dabbling in the pool here, which absolutely makes me miss Tarbell (there is no way the pool here is fit for Michael Jamieson)...  I asked if I could swim in the 23 mile long Loch Ness -- even though I have belief Nessie is friend not foe... it was frowned upon.

Have a great short term and summer, can't wait to chat in the fall! 


P.S. I couldn't throw up my ladycat claws during championship season but I did manage to make some new friends who were fans (see attached photo).

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