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Saturday, February 16, 2013

W.NESCAC - Day 2

It's late, but here's some quick highlights!

We expanded our 5th place lead from about 50 points to just shy of 100.  That was huge.  It seemed like we came in this morning a bit exhausted from Day 1, and I challenged the Ladies to move up tonight... they responded.

record setting 200 medley relay
paine, sparks, geiss, sergi
even the bobcat made it on the podium!
200 Medley Relay... New School Record (by 1.5 seconds) and a very strong B-cut!  4th overall too.

4 Bates-ME  'A' 1:51.14    1:46.72^   
1) Paine, Whitney A FR (27.91)
2) Sparks, Catherine SR (29.84)
3) Geissinger, Emilie JR (25.78)   
4) Sergi, Gabrielle JR (23.19)              

100 Fly - Zingale has an amazing finish and wins her heat really setting the tone for the evening.  Skaperdas then jumps in and drops a 58.8 moving up several places too.

200 Free - All FIVE entered come back and score points.  That is huge.  C. Depew (#TheProject) was our top finisher with a 1:54.90. Gutsy swim.  She's gonna be faster. Levene, Geiss, Briggs, Barry huge swims tonight.  The 200 free is top 3 in most difficult to score in.

100 Breast - Paione has been rock solid all year - and continues her trend.  1:07 in the prelims was another LTB!  Although out others didn't make it back to score, they all dropped on average 2 seconds off their seed time.  Very cool (Wallace, Higano, Denise, Mallory, Sparks).

100 Back - Again... FIVE scoring swims!  Ilana Meyer stays hot and continues going lifetime bests every time she swims (ending up at 1:00.8 tonight).  Anne Schwarzwalder's three 100 backs this weekend were all lifetime bests too (1:00.3).  E. Depew continues to inspire us all with her season after going abroad scoring top 16 points again (1:00.4)!!  Sergi continues on her tear dropping from a 1:00.69 to a 1:00.08... and Whitney continues to show off her skills winning the consol heat and going another LTB with 58.80.  Awesome event.

Our 800 freestyle relay swimmers were absolute warriors tonight. It wasn't even the times, it was the effort and the fight they displayed.  So many of them had just got out of the 200 earlier in the evening... and a few of the others were thrown in there last minute on a gut call by the coaching staff.  In the end we had two relays step up and our A relay podium with a 8 place finish.

8th Place 800 Free Relay
Depew, Levene, Briggs, Nelson!

That Lady 'Cats were on the prowl tonight - and they scored big.  Well done.

 8 Bates-ME  'A'                       8:12.89    7:50.87   44  
     1) Levene, Molly B FR            2) r:0.32 Briggs, Eleanor SO    
     3) r:0.26 Nelson, Katie SO       4) r:0.18 Depew, Caroline FR    
             27.19        56.88 (56.88)
      1:27.65 (1:27.65)   1:58.88 (1:58.88)
        2:25.73 (26.85)     2:56.27 (57.39)
      3:27.03 (1:28.15)   3:57.00 (1:58.12)
        4:23.72 (26.72)     4:53.80 (56.80)
      5:25.18 (1:28.18)   5:55.97 (1:58.97)
        6:21.95 (25.98)     6:51.34 (55.37)
      7:21.26 (1:25.29)   7:50.87 (1:54.90)

PS - two freshman and two sophomores.  very cool.

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