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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Updates Leading into NESCACs

Andrew Briggs

Quick Updates from the Office!

Whitney Paine
First off, we went to Wellesley on the 2nd to swim Conn and Wellesley in a double dual meet for the women, and a straight up dual meet for our men.  The overall meet scores and results were not good - however, there was a lot good that happened.  First, several athletes stepped up great and swam fantastic races.  Catherine Sparks won the 50 breast with the 4th fastest time in the conference so far.  She also had a tremendous split in the 200 free relay.  Andrew Briggs went two lifetime bests (50 and 100 breast!).  And Whitney Paine popped her fastest 50 and 100 back of the season! On the boards Porter put up his best scores and got his first college victory!

Additionally, it was a sea of garnet in the stands with our parent group showing up in full force, and about 15 alums from the area coming to cheer us on.  As I mentioned, we didn't put up a great team showing, but traditionally this has been a rough meet as taper is just beginning, and I use the week preceding this meet to work the team exceptionally hard.  They had an amazing week overall - the 5 days of practice were the best consecutive 5 days we have had all year... including training trip.  That 6th day was unfortunately a meet against two GREAT teams - and the team was simply out of gas for the most part.  As I look back, it is easy to see that we simply kept score on the wrong day that week!

Our Alums showing up in full force!
From there we rested a bit more - and got 11 women ready for the Maine Event.  Unfortunately, the "Blizzard of '13" came and messed that up pretty good.  Record setting snowfall (25") came and cancelled the meet.  Instead we ran time trials at our own pool... during the blizzard!  I drove in slowly, and the team trudged to the pool.  Most explained to me how it took over 30 minutes to get here instead of the usual 10 minute max.  The time trial / inter-squad meet that afternoon was absolutely fantastic.  The captains came early and decorated the pool with signs and balloons, our usual official Scott Morrison made the trip in also to make it all legal, and the women that were rested all swam in-season bests, with so many lifetime bests I lost count.  Highlights include...
Ilana Meyer
• Julie Kang dropping 7 seconds from the Conn meet  - and 2 off her lifetime best in the 200 back - going a 2:14.4.  She also went a LTB in the 100 back!
• Denise Hui Bon Hoa had a tremendous breakthrough of a meet.  She was recruited in as a 1:13 and 2:35 breaststroker and dropped down a 1:09 and 2:28! Amazing.
• Molly Levene dropped 5 seconds off her 500 free, nearly 2 off her 200 free, and also went lifetime bests in the 50 and 100 free. Can you believe that?!  4 lifetime bests in less than 2 hours?!
• And of course a big shout out to Ilana Meyer... no one has trained better this year, and no one has seen a less impressive dual meet season(!).  To be completely fair, her dual meet times this year were fine, we just all saw what was happening in practice and how it didn't match up with her results on the weekend.  Well, sometimes that happens when you are working that hard.  Your body is tired and needs rest.  She rested very well - and was seriously on a mission.  Every pace set we did leading into that meet she did with 100% effort and focus.  She worked so hard at doing less.  Less yards, more rest, but better focus, and even more effort when it was time.  It was impressive to watch.  She was 2:20 this season in the 200 back.  She was 1:04 in the 100.  Her lifetime bests were 2:14 and 1:02.4.  At the Maine Event she went 1:01.1 in the 100, and 2:10(!) in the 200!  That 200 truly shows how hard she worked, and how important a season of consistent hard work can be (consistent being the key word).

• We also saw Kate Loane have her best 500 and 1000 of the year.  Amanda Moore take 5 seconds off her 100 breast time from the previous weekend against Conn!  Hannah Lutz, Hannah Kogan, and Carly Hinkle drop 2 seconds off their in-season 100 free times.  And Rachel Pederson, Ally Klein, and Laura Stoff all come back from a semester abroad and put up times that were so impressive given their short season. As I said, it was a fun day.
Laura Stoff, Ally Klein,
C. Sparks, Emily Depew
We are heading to Women's NESCACs tomorrow (@ Bowdoin), and I will most likely be posting updates Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Below are some links if you want to follow along live.  

At this point, with less than 48 hours to go till prelims on Friday, I have to admit, I am very excited and optimistic. The drops we saw last weekend coupled with how hard this group of women have worked, make me feel real good about our chances of swimming fast.  To be honest, I tend to lower expectations and simply get lost in each event, not the result. I do believe that each woman is prepared to head to the meet and swim their races right. If they get engaged in the moment...  If they can see in their mind exactly how to swim their race - and then simply follow through with the plan that they believe in - well then, I feel they will in fact succeed. Regardless of place or time.  The right times and the right places always work themselves out.  The right race... well that is the only thing that matters.

Best of luck to all - and drop some good luck wishes in the comment section if you feel it appropriate!

In Bates,


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Good luck Bobcats! Swim Fast; dive pretty!