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Sunday, February 24, 2013

M.NESCAC - Day 3 prelims

2013 Team
("never take yourself too seriously")

This is a quick one as we have only a short time between sessions today, and lots to do... but I gotta just write a quick note congratulating the men.  They fought very hard this weekend, and out performed the expectations that many had.  19 Swimmers and 2 Divers have attained over 60 lifetime bests, 6 school records, 3 NCAA B-cuts, and an All-NESCAC performance.... and that doesn't even include tonight. The assault on the Medley Relay records was surprising to say the least! The speed this team (and the women) showed was so very impressive this year.

Many times the 3rd day (and 5th session) of the meet can break a team due to complete exhaustion.  These guys we ready once again.  There have been few peaks and valleys this year with the men's team - they have been steady and always moved forward with their work ethic and vision for success.

This morning was another great example with...

Ben Sommer going 2 lifetime bests (200back/100free)
Henry Schwab - 2 (2breast /100free)
Z. Antonio - 2 (2breast/100free)
Buehler - 2 (1000 and 1650 free!)
Seaton - 2 (2breast/100free)
Johns - 1 (200back)
Karlson - 1 (100free)
Briggs - 1(200beast)
Hillsberg -1 (200fly)
Cody Jenkins - 1 (200fly)
Venka - 1 (200fly)
Mihalcik - 1 (1650 - 20 seconds!)
Smachlo - 1 (1650 - several minutes!)

Thats 18 lifetime bests... just this morning!

Amazing leadership make stuff like this happen.  Thanks Travis and Mike for the great job you did as captains.  Also thank you Andrew Buehler, Matt Johns, and Nick Karlson.  The entire senior class has been dependable, committed, and passionate.  We have all learned so much... and most importantly felt the love you have for the program.   It made us better.

Signing off,


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