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Saturday, February 23, 2013


Alums Back for NESCACs!
(Left to Right; McKeown, Aupi, Boniface, Casares, and Lipoff)
Well, I guess the men couldn't be out done by the women.  What a night!!

200 Free Relay 
Nick Karlson, Andrew Briggs, Venka Duvvuri, and Matt Gagne nail the 200 free with a season best time by 4 seconds.  Nick (21.3), Venka (21.4), and Briggs (21.4) were all SIGNIFICANT lifetime bests.  Very cool.

Our three breaststrokers continued to shine at finals with both Hikaru and Seaton popping 27's and Andrew Briggs BREAKING the school record with his 26.6 (History Lesson... 1992, John Dreibelbis goes a 27.2 with (most likely) a paper-suit and some swedes on.  21 years later, we respectfully say thank you John, but we are proud to have finally gone faster!)

From there Nate Henneman (23.6) and Will Patton (23.3) continued to drop time and move up in the consol final of the 50 Fly... and then Venka and Gagne killed it in the top 8.  It was a great event.  Matt Gagne was the big winner with a 3rd place (by .02) "All-NESCAC" swim... and a new SCHOOL RECORD!

The 50 Back gave us Matt Johns and Ben Sommer scoring points.  Matt actually missed the 50 back record by .09 (Dan Aupi was in the stands cheering him on).  That was a great swim by Matt.

Hillsberg congratulating Briggs
In the IM Cody Jenkins and Andrew Buehler scored us big points.  Seeing Bueh finish off his 200 IM career at Bates with a lifetime best was perfect.  Seeing Cody make it back and score for the first time, was inspiring.  It was a great event for us.  (Btw, our 200's should be solid this weekend... Beuh dropped from 2:06 to 1:59 and Cody from 2:09 to 2:01 - how cool?!)

The 50 free really continued to be the Nick Karlson sprint show.  21.7 was his lifetime best coming in... he popped a 21.30 - and every time he swims he gets faster!  Again, Aupi should be worried seeing Nick only .02 off his record.

Travis and Porter were excellent on the boards too - scoring us big points with Porter 10th and Travis 8th!

Finally, the swim of the night was the 400 Medley Relay.  Five years ago I was at Wesleyan with a group of boys all in full-body tech-suits that could float a brick.  They popped a 3:29.68 (Berry 52.4, McKeown 59.4, Neddy Buttercup 50.0, and Aupi 46.7). Those suits are now illegal - and our 4 guys tonight knew going in they had a chance to do something special.

Matt Johns jumps in and shaves 1.4 off his lifetime best! 52.44
Andrew Briggs dives in and goes 58.5 (he was 1:02 last year).
Matt Gagne keeps his sprint fly going... 49.4 (LTB!)
And Nick Karlson pops a 46.5... 1.2 seconds faster than he has ever been!

They go a 3:26.9 - take nearly 3 seconds off the school record.  Unbelievable.

Well done. Off to bed!

The guys cheering on Travis during finals.
Travis about to a rip a dive

Gagne and Venka. Two in the top 8
(Its a big deal)

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