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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Midd Recap!

Training Camp.  Day 11. Workout 18

Our final workout of the 2013 Bates Training Camp was a dual meet against Middlebury.  Lots of good things at this meet occurred - mainly the fact that the team is getting better each meet.  Better at racing for sure... but also better at putting together smart swims and of course faster times.  

Case in point the women's 400 medley relay was over three seconds faster than our previous season best.  The men's was over five.  And another great sign was a 400 free relay that was 3 seconds faster than last year at this time. 

Other good takeaways:

Afternoon naps where ever you can get them!
1) We've been kicking a lot this year.  And many are really believing in their legs now.  We saw it on several last walls today.  Holding a final streamline and dolphin kicking underwater to pass your competitor while they are swimming is a great way to gain the confidence needed to finish the race right.  Special props to Venka on that one (among many others).

2) They swam tough, and didn't back down on any close races or final lengths.  More touch outs went our way than we lost.  I love that.

3) Although tired and beat up, the team remained in great spirits and truly enjoyed watching their teammates have in-season bests after such a tough week.   Lots of very impressive swims and fast times.

4) Our divers continue to show what hard work, dedication, and the best diving coach around can do you for you!

5) Over 60 season best times were swam this weekend, and we know that here at Bates we save our best swimming for the final weekend of the season.  This is a very good sign for things to come.

Good Memories at the beach!
As I look back at our last 11 days together I am pleased with what the team accomplished, and the consistency they displayed.  We understand that there are only 5 weeks left in the season right now - but we have been preaching that a season isn't made with a few great practices, or a great week of training... it is the totality of a very solid 18 week season that leads to greatness.  An overall "good" final 5 weeks is way more important than one amazing week Florida.  Illness and injury are lurking out there, and the people that stay consistent and have one good practice after another (maybe a great one here or there too), are the ones that will be great at NESCACs.  A very smart mentor of mine once said "You never miss a taper, but you can miss a season."

Signing off from Training Camp 2013...

Smiling faces at the pool

Time away from the pool spent "competing"

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