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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Florida - Day 6

New Year's Day Practice
"The hardest practice of the year"

(Dorky, I know. But still funny)

Leg Circuit - Everyday!

Ilana Meyer and Leah Burke
After a team warm up of '13 x 100 with a descending interval the team broke into four groups...

400 IMers
200 Freestyler
100 Strokers
1000 Freestylers

Each had a very specific set that worked well with their races to emulate what needs to happen at the end of the year.

They were also written to build confidence in their event - and to help them believe they can conquer that particular distance in an all out race.

We wrapped the two hour practice with 45 minutes of abs, dryland, and stretching.  Hey, when you give them the afternoon off you gotta make the most of the time together!

Class Dinners are tonight - and I have the privilege of taking out one of the finest classes I have ever coached in our traditional Senior dinner on the water at The Cove.  Pictures will surely follow.

Preset Photo
(A team favorites: right leg up 50 free with a paddle on your left hand)

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