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Monday, December 31, 2012

Florida - Day 5pm

Distance group at the LCM Pool!
Just a quick note and a few more pictures.  I brought the distance group to the LCM pool for their 2nd practice of the day last night - and they absolutely rallied and killed a great 500 pace set.  I stole a set from Paul Yetter down here at T2 aquatics.  He has a great blog and shares his ideas freely. I agree with a lot he thinks.  Anyway, the D group hit a set of 10 x 250... broken 150 FAST @ 500 pace (on 210) and 100 pink (on 150).  The intervals were totally doable, and they had about :30 seconds rest total on each repeat... so they did get to work on speed.  What were really tough was the goal times I posted.

Round 1 of ten was intimidating as most weren't in the ball park of the goal times - but impressively they attacked the next 3 and got there.  They could have been beaten by missing number 1 and thinking they had 9 more failures coming at them - but one athlete stepped up a little, and then another, and then two rounds later all of them were right on.  It was really cool to watch.  Coach Wallace calls it "Ignition"(from the Talent Code.  A must read).

Also, yesterday I headed to the diving tank to watch our divers.  It was very cool.  I was there for 45 minutes and they got in like 30 reps!  My gosh its a ton of diving.  Check out some photos below.

Gotta run.




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