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Thursday, December 13, 2012

UMO Recap!

It's a little later in the week than normal for a meet recap, but I wanted to make sure to get some info up now that we have had time to reflect as a staff and program.

As I have mentioned, the team attitude and training has been tremendous this season.  The coaches have mixed things up, made sets extremely challenging, and demanded both attendance and attention at over 50 practices to date.  The team has swam over 250K in yardage, and all the while they continue to have fun and work hard.  It is a great sign for things to come.

Mollie and Amanda
Looking back at the meet, it was very easy to say... 1) This was MUCH better than last year's meet against UMO where it looked like we were swimming against the USA dream team (see article here).  The team was extremely competitive in all races this go around... and the men's meet came down to the last two events before it was decided.  2) As a whole, the team was much improved from our first weekend of competition against Trinity and Wesleyan.  Getting better from meet to meet is always the preferred direction.

As for highlights... First off, Mollie Corcoran swam in her final meet of the season as she is heading abroad next semester.  It wasn't an easy decision to go abroad second semester, but the right one for her.  It also was extremely difficult to put in the training over the summer and preseason needed to give a lifetime best in December a real go.  Finally, it was crazy trying to figure out how to taper the final week of her season while 50 other swimmers where in the water training, training, and training.  (Throw in the fact that it was the week before exams and her academic workload was at it's peak... well, as you can see this can go on and on....)

Elle Sergi
Bottom line, she juggled it all... and successfully completed a quest she set out on at the conclusion of last season.  It was her best dual meet of her career, and she went a lifetime best in one of the hardest races a swim meet offers, the 200 breast.  I have a ton of respect for what she just pulled off and was thrilled to see it happen.

Next, some impressive performances .... Whitney Paine in the 100 back, Andrew Briggs in the 100/200 breast, Matt Gagne's 100 Fly, Sarah Bouchard's 1000/500, Molly Levene's 1000/500, Mike Hanley's 200 Free, Denise Hui Bon Hoa's 100/200 breast, and the continued great sprinting by Karlson (should have seen him anchor that 200 medley!).

The real show stopper though was Elle Sergi popping a 24.6 and 54.0 in the sprint freestyles.  Those times show she is contention to sprint with the best around!

Now, if the team gets back on the wagon this week and starts really buying into a lot of training over break we are going to be in great shape for Florida, the training trip, and our best January to date.

Wish them luck!  Happy Holidays and enjoy the time with family and friends.

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dugan, sparks,
leah, zingale and brown!

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