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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Florida - Day 4a

Good aerobic threshold series this morning.  Lot of mixing stroke and free.  I was really impressed with the overall success this morning.  Lots of people holding stroke together.  Lots of people in the right heart rate zone.  And (best part) lots of people laughing and feeling pretty good.  Thats a great place to be on the 6th practice in a row.  I usually plan 5 hard practices and then one either easy or off... but this year I wanted them to feel 6 in a row as that is what NESCACs is going to be... I always believe your body should experience the end of the season feel more than just once a year.  Heading into NESCACs with a training trip like this... and a few dual meets that are back to back days... should only help them handle all that intense swimming the final three days of the season.

So yes, they are getting a well deserved recovery practice tonight.

Mid Distance
3 x 300 Free... 100 Loosen
3 x 300 (50 SP / 50 FR)... 100 Loosen
1 x 300 (100 FR / 100 SP / 100 FR)
1 x 200 (50 FR / 100 SP / 50 FR)
1 x 100 SP

8 x 200 Build to Fast
2 x 700 (Broken with equipment)

6 Phantom 50's... and then 15 x 100 - every third 90-95%

More importantly though, mix up dinners were last night and the team had a great time eating and laughing!