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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bates' TED Mullin "Hour of Power!"

We wrapped up the hour of power last night around 6:15.  It started with all out 100's for time then went into a relay of 50 yard sprints that included all strokes, the 50 IM, a disaster strikes component (goggles around neck!), and even some sweet belly flops during the kickboard portion!

The team had fun, but more importantly, they swam all-out repeats for 60 minutes to honor Ted Mullin, his center for cancer research, and countless other family and friends.  We talked about how once you have cancer it is a battle - and one that last for the rest of your life, whether you are cured or not.  Swimming hard for one hour is something we can do, a symbol of respect and caring.  They were reminded that no matter how much it hurts... the hurt stops, and the set ends.  Being grateful for that, while fundraising and honoring something bigger than yourself, is a powerful way to spend a Tuesday afternoon.

They dug down deep and did Ted and Bates proud yesterday.  Below are several great shots taken by our women's captain Blaine Brown!
Sparks has always brought the guns!

Zingale showing off her moves

Beuhler showing off his six pack

Gagne growl.  Skap... about to sneeze?

Andrew Briggs, Katie Nelson, Carly Hinkle, Leah Burke

Nate Ainley, Ben Sommer, Hikaru Asao 

Way back: Sommer and a rare smile during a photo from Henneman.  Also Henry Simon, Anne Schwarzwalder, Melissa Paoine, Tara Dugan, and Briggsy.

Briggs (again), Matt Hillsburg, and Bobo

Molz Corcoran, and A. Moore

I think Hanley farted. (Emily Geiss suffering through?)

Cody's Beard and Venka.  Our Junior Boys

Nick Karlson geared up... Andrew Seaton feeling the music.

Simon, Paione, and Lindsey Prelgovisk

Ainley (he may be from another planet)

Captains Blaine Brown and Mike Hanley

Skaperdas, Gagne, and Bueh

Hannah D. Lutz, Hannah Chory, Caroline Depew, Denise Hui Bon Hoa, Lyndsay Wallace

Pete Mihalcik and Blaine

umm.. Molly?



Anonymous said...

Great job in the Hour of Power and good luck in your first meet this weekend!

tommybon said...

when did cody jenkins get a beard?!?!

Miss you guys.

Unknown said...

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