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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Scholar Athlete Society

Abigail teaching my little Liv (and her horse "Pinky")
At Bates we don't have an "Athletics Hall of Fame."  It may seem odd, but Bates holds dear to it's mission of creating a true student athlete  -  and also the premise that our students will distinguish themselves in more than just one area.  That is a powerful lesson to learn.  Nowadays all jobs require that you are skilled in more than one area, and even more so, life requires you to be successful in much more than just your job.  Embracing the idea of dedicating - and distinguishing - yourself in more than one thing is an awesome goal to have.

What we do have though is the Scholar Athlete Society.  Our literature reads "The Bates SAS honors dedication to excellence in scholarship and sportsmanship.  It celebrates the ways in which the game fits into the overall collegiate experience by honoring those who do it best.  The society includes seniors nominated by their coaches who have compiled a 3.5 cumulative GPA, and have competed in varsity athletics through their senior year."

Further, Bates is uncommon in that nearly 2/3 of its student body competes in one of the 31 varsity athlete programs on campus.  Distinguishing yourself among nearly 1000 other students is something to be very proud of!

Lupi, Hanson, and Blaine
Richard Kick Sullivan the Third

This year we have four(!) athletes that will be inducted.  Abigail Hanson (Captain), Jessica Howard (Lindholm Winner!*), Carole Lupi, and Richard (Kick) Sullivan!  I couldn't be more proud of what they accomplished and the recognition they will receive and deserve.

Howard (center) with Annaliese and Travis
Also, as has been the case in years past, Bates has done a phenomenal job finding Alums that accomplished success in the classroom and in their sport - while continuing to stay involved with Bates over the years.  This is the first year for me a swimming alum is being inducted also.  Katie Moran Madden '93 will be receiving an award next Saturday - and once you read my note to our four senior winners below, you will see why!

...Also, Katie Moran Madden - a class of '93 swimmer/alum - will be recognized too! 

Check this out.  As a '93 graduate she still holds 8 top 20 All-Time swims!  AND the school record in the 100 IM!

55.80 100 free (17th all time)
1:58.5 200 free (10th all time)
5:13.34 500 free (7th, one spot ahead of Abigail!)
27.6 50 Fly (10th)
1:01.5 100 Fly (7th)
1:02.34 100 IM (1st! - School Record)
2:14.0 200 IM (6th)
4:42.9 400 IM (4th)

She was also our second ever Senior Citation winner (out of 10 total for the women's program).

Her freshman year she broke a whopping 12 college records… 10 her sophomore year…. 8 more her junior and senior year for a total of 30 different times she broke a college record at Bates.  Holy cow!!  What is even cooler is that in her first dual meet as a Bobcat she broke a varsity record - and at the national meet her senior year (in her last meet as a Bobcat!) she broke the 400 IM record becoming an All-American for the first time. Talk about "full circle"!

I am thrilled to meet Katie next weekend and also see our seniors and their families enjoy a very nice ceremony and a bit of the spotlight.  Congrats again!


* The Lindholm Award goes to the senior varsity athlete that has the highest culmative GPA!  More to come on that. 

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