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Monday, March 26, 2012

NCAA Recap!

Coach Em, Casares, and Kara heading into the world famous IUPUI Natatorium

We spent five full days living, eating, and breathing Division III Swimming and Diving at it's best.  It was a great honor and priviledge to be at such a great meet - and Bates College owes that to Kara.  She is leaving Bates as the 8th highest point scorer in the history of the program - and currently holds more records than any other athlete with SEVEN!  Those two facts are such a statement in terms of her dedication over four years, and her impact.

Breaking out the Flannel to help bring out my coaching "A" Game
She came in as a distance freestyler, and left with the school record in the 200 breast, 400 IM, and 500 free (individually).  She is also a part of FOUR out of the five relays we have (200, 400, 800 Free Relays, and the 400 Medley).  She will be the first to tell you that she couldn't have done it without her teammates, but they all know they also couldn't have done it without her.  Again, no other (female) athlete holds as many records as Kara.  Wow.  Further, we spoke a great deal about her event diversity leading into this meet (national cuts in those three events?!  It is unheard of... well unless you are Caroline Wilson*)... but when you look at the relays - and realize she added sprint free to that list - well the lore of Kara Leasure only grows stronger.

Below is Kara's Top 10 list (a Casares favorite thing to do)... and some pictures from the weekend!

It was so fun,


* Wilson = great company to mentioned alongside! Her and Kara developed a great friendship over the past few years - one clearly founded on respect and kindness.  

Lewandowski, Casares, Leasure

Top 10 Favorite Things About Nationals:

10. Meeting new people, including some greats of DIII swimming and coaching.
9. The IUPUI pool’s history, especially seeing Olympians pictures and names on       
the walls.

8. Getting to see my family and spend more time with them.

7. Watching all of the other teams’ alumni and family members screaming themselves hoarse for the swimmers they support - and knowing that I will doing the same one day!

6. Being accepted by other teams as a friend when I had never met or spent time with them previously.

Having Fun with Coach Emily!
5. Watching all the record-breaking, phenomenal swims and actually experiencing history being made!

4. Spending time with my coaches and having fun with them at such a great meet!

3. Having more time to keep doing the sport I love - with some great people.

2. Knowing that the Bates team, coaches, and alumni are supporting me through a completely new (and sometimes intimidating) experience.

1.  Getting the chance to represent the team at the highest level possible and pay back everything Bates Swimming has given me over four years.
Warm Up

Senior Recognition

Flowers, and yes, the two biggest reese's peanut butter cups in the world

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