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Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Ultimate Student-Athletes

National Student Athlete Day!

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APRIL 6th 2012

The swim team in Florida grabbing a moment together during our last practice!
In recognition of National Student-Athlete Day (4/6), the Bates College Department of Athletics salutes the academic accomplishments of some of Bates' 600-plus varsity athletes. Director of Athletics Kevin McHugh this week is distributing certificates to the top 25 percent of this year's student-athletes, in terms of their cumulative grade point average.
"The Athletic Department salutes two levels of classroom achievement.  Scholar-Athletes are those student-athletes whose cumulative grade point average is in the top ten percent of our 600-plus sport participants.  That meant maintaining through last fall semester a cumulative grade point average of 3.67 or better.  
Those who make the Academic Honor Roll are the student-athletes whose cumulative grade point average is in the top twenty five percent of all our athletes and that range for this year through Fall 2011 was between 3.47 and 3.66."

Nearly 15% of the total athletes came from the swimming and diving team (20 total).  That is tops in the athletic department.  What an accomplishment!

Top 10% (Cum > 3.67)

Leah Burke
Mollie Corcoran
Emily Depew
Jessica Howard
Travis Jones
Megan Lapp
Henry Schwab
Andrew Seaton
Emily White

Top 25% (Cum > 3.47) 

Katherine Donovan
Tara Dugan
Abigail Hanson
Matthew Hillsberg
Cody Jenkins
Peter Mihalcik
Amanda Moore
Anne Schwarzwalder
Gabrielle Sergi
Richard Sullivan
Catherine Zingale

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