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Saturday, February 18, 2012

W.NESCAC Day 1 Recap

 A year ago we were ecstatic, thrilled, on top of the world, with how well we started out the meet.  We had 10 swims that first Friday night of NESCACs in 2011.  That was a record of us.   This year - in a meet that has taken a giant leap in depth and talent overall (welcome back Midd), we had 17.  Yup 17 individual night swims!

They keep score in this sport, so winning and losing is important... but most important to us is the chance to swim rested and shaved after a season of hard work... and we had 17 ladies tonight get TWO shots at their events today.  What an accomplishment.  How great it is to see a season of hard work pay off like that.  (only Amherst, Williams, and Midd had more)

And those SEVENTEEN (17) night swims produced...

• Over 35 Lifetime bests (I just counted them, but I forgot the number by the time I wrote all that stuff above).
• 3 school records, officially. Sparks 30.1 50 breast, Leasure 5:04 500 Free, and our 400 Med Relay (Depew, Leasure, Skaperdas, Geissinger) 3:57.2.  However, we can't forget Sarah Bouchard and Kristin Barry both swam a time under the previous record!  (so it kind of feels like 5 records went down)
• 1 NCAA BCut - Kara's 500 Freestyle.  Holy cow.
• 1 ALL-NESCAC performance (Sparks' 50 breast)

And, since they do keep score, I am proud to say we are sitting in 5th right now.  I didn't see that coming. (results here)

Looking forward to tomorrow!

OH!  And thank you to all the alums that are texting and emailing.  It is so cool to read your messages to the team!


PS - it's a big deal to stand on the podium at NESCACs.  Below are a few candids from the ladies that had that honor tonight!  Enjoy.

Elle Sergi - 5th Place 50 Free

Emily Depew - 6th Place 50 Back

400 Medley Relay - 7th Place (Leasure, Depew, Skap, and Geiss)


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Keep it going Lady Cats!!!

Anonymous said...

go cats go! You all are awesome!