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Sunday, February 26, 2012


Bear with me as I blog on the bus....

Men's meet finishes up in spectacular fashion.

We witnessed 28 more lifetime bests today... totaling the wonderfully round number of 100 ...  from 24 men.  That is the most I have witnessed from one men's team to date...  fantastic!

We had 11 more night swims tonight... totaling 38 for the weekend.  That is a men's team record since I have been here.  To me night swims are everything.  The team works so hard for this one weekend, and I truly believe having multiple chances to swim at your best is the best reward of all.

7 Varsity Records fell this weekend!  Freshman Matt Gagne 200 IM (1:55.1) and 100 Fly* (49.9).  Senior Dan Aupi 50 and 100 Back (24.13, 52.28), and 100 Free (46.87). The 200 Free Relay (1:24.21) and 400 Free Relay (3:06.06).

We celebrated a senior class that has lead this team extremely well this year.  A senior class that is graduating knowing that they helped the program become better without losing its roots.  A senior class that grew as men, and embraced the opportunities to teach their teammates what they learned.

Further, two seniors really distinguished themselves this weekend.  After a year of their best dedication and discipline they finished with a flurry of accomplishments.  Senior Captain Tom Boniface lead with his actions and his swims all year.  It was only fitting that he went 3 significant lifetime bests... and swam on a record setting relay.  He also posted Bates' top relay splits of ALL TIME with his 1:42.8 200 free and 45.6 100 free split.

Dan Aupi made great strides this year by not only dedicating himself to the sport, but also to the team.  His attention to detail - and decision to follow through on all that was asked of him - payed off greatly in his final meet with 3 individual swims and 3 school records!  He also played a tremendous role on the two relay records with splits of 1:45 on the 800 free and 46.1 on the 400 free.  5 Records in one weekend... we haven't seen that since Chris Berry set the standard in 2009 walking off the deck with 7 school records in his final meet.

Seeing the 400 free relay wrap up with 3 seniors and 1 freshman - and break the record that was set by 1 senior and 3 freshman 4 years earlier - was bittersweet.  The 3:06.06 is truly fast (Gagne 47.4, Aupi 46.1, Depew 46.4 and Boni 45.6) but to be completely honest, knowing such great swims are graduating can be nerve racking.

What I can tell you though is that at each NESCAC meet I have been to someone has done something phenomenal.  Someone else has inspired the team.  And many more have made us jump with joy.  With that in mind, I choose to enjoy reminiscing about these past two weekends - and leave the worrying about how we are going to do it again until... tomorrow.

Thank you men and women of Bates Swimming and Diving.  It has been an honor to stand beside you as you amaze your family and friends.  You represent Bates so well.

In Bates,


* Matt Gagne stared down the possibility of three 100 fly's being less than spectacular by trying one more time tonight during the NCAA time trial period of the meet. His 49.9 (after going 50.7 last night!) would have been invited any other year, but this year is sits at 28th in the country with a 49.6 being 15th.  He might not be heading off to nationals, but he did break the school record, and show himself - and the team - that when you get a chance, you take it.

PS - TRAVIS JONES!  Two 4th place finishes (1M and 3M).  His 3 Meter score was a NCAA consideration performance and we are all keeping our fingers crossed that Travis is picked and can represent us at nationals!


Anonymous said...

fantastic job! its a great day to be a bobcat, I´m so happy to see everyone do so well. way to represent,

J. Harvey

Mark said...

so much fun watching online, very impressive meet and season. congratulations to everyone. i'll see all y'all seniors at graduation.

DrakeDaddy said...

Haven't read through but will catch up! All i can say for now is...

Anonymous said...

what a weekend! You guys swam your hearts out and it showed. Loved watching every minute of it. 4 years gone by already? I'll keep cheering!

With love, Mrs. Buttercup!