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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Player Profile! Rachel Pedersen '14

How did you find out about Bates?

I found out about Bates College from my friends who have come here, and loved it. Actually, I have yet to encounter somebody who came to Bates and doesn't love it. That was pretty important to me. Coming to Bates swim camp last summer also helped secure my decision to apply ED 1.

2) I also looked at Macalester, Carleton, and Connecticut College in addition to Bates.  In the end, Bates won out because of the people. The students here are so full of life and passionate about learning and swimming of course- what could be better?

3) My favorite superhero is, without a doubt, Captain Underpants. He's fearless, faster than a speeding waistband, and he doesn't mind wearing minimal clothing, not unlike the typical Bobcat.

4) My favorite strokes are freestyle and butterfly, and my favorite events is the 200 freestyle and all of the relays. My least favorite is any backstroke race, really.

5) 5- In high school, I always wished I could swim during free periods, but the pool was never open during the academic day. Now I can!

6) In the summer, I spend a great portion of my time sailing, particularly racing. Also, I love exploring, rowing, hanging out with friends, playing soccer, and creating awkward situations.

7) I've been to Norway, Denmark, Greece, and South Africa. South Africa was amazing in particular; everybody there is incredibly warm and welcoming, and the landscapes are so beautiful.

8) I'm probably going to major in Physics, with a possible minor in Philosophy, but I am currently undecided.

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