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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Abroad Update! TURA dugan


Its Tara here, hopefully you haven't forgotten about me...Tara Dugan! Sorry I've been terrible with my email---internet in Uganda is not the best. I've recently been in a rural district in Eastern Uganda called Kapchorwa for the past 3 weeks doing research. Kapchorwa is up in the mountains and we have power every other day (its hard to charge the computer and phone) and sometimes the network goes down for a few hours/days. Right now I am doing my independent study project in Kapchorwa on the implementation of UPE (Universal Primary Education) and its been pretty awesome yet really hard. There are only two of us on the program who are in Kapchorwa, so I'm lucky I even have a friend, but its been super hard being in the mountains away from civilization. I've also faced a lot of challenges with my research but I have learned so much. Kapchorwa is the most beautiful place in Uganda, I wish you could come visit, you would seriously love it. The land is very  lush, the flowers are very vibrant, there are waterfalls left and right, and you can look out to see land all the way in Kenya. It is absolutely amazing, the views here are spectacular because we are in the mountatins and can see land extending miles and miles away. My friend and I have gone on a few hikes and the only environment I can compare it to is the forest in Avatar. The land is seriously magical and very virgin; it is untouched and there is so much beauty in the midst of so many struggles and issues in the district.

I checked the swim results against Wesleyan and Trinity and you guys seriously kicked butt. Everyone is swimming so well and I'm excited to meet the freshman! I wanted to send an email to say hi and update you on life in Uganda and I hope all is going well. You guys are swimming awesome and I hope things are going swimmingly. I'm super excited to see everyone on training trip (hopefully you don't kick my butt too hard, however I do need some ass-whoopping..). Well I'm sitting on the floor right now with my computer about to die and no power so I just wanted to send a friendly hello, I may or may not be going crazy here, and I'm excited to see everyone on training trip. Hopefully I know how to engage in social interactions (its been so long, I may be awkward at first).

Happy belated thanksgiving, tell the team I say hi and I miss EVERYONE dearly, I'm super excited to get back and back into shape, and tell the family I say hello.

Farewell for now,
Bates Bobcats 4 lyfe
- Tura

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