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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bobcats Abroad!

Ciao Coach,

    Your favorite bobkittens are together again... In Rome! We've been training really hard here: did stairs at the Spanish Steps, lunges to the top of St. Peters, lifted with gladiators at the Colloseum, variable sprints in the Trevi Fountain, carbo-loading at Rome`s best restaurants, eating gelato to help the men with buckets fill up the anaerobic tank, and tandem biking in the Borghese Gardens. Just a typical bobcat vacation...

We will be thinking fast thoughts and want to wish everyone good luck at the first meet! We can't wait to return to our people and bestow our new wisdom upon them. We miss everyone!

Katy, Leah, Blaine: Living, Loving, Learning (respectively)

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