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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Alumni Update! Annaliese in Thailand!

Hey Pete,

Long time no chat!  Hope all is going well in Lewiston and I've been following the team's progress on the website and the blog - GREAT JOB against Wesleyan and Trinity, I was a very proud alum!  As I think you know, I'm currently living in Phuket, Thailand teaching English to little Thai children and am definitely on an adventure of a lifetime.  I've been here for three weeks and still adjusting but every day gets better and no two days are the same.  Peem and his family came down to Phuket this weekend to compete in a team triathlon and it was so great to hang out with him.  

We carb loaded at dinner the night before and he seriously kicked butt in the biking portion the next morning (you may wonder why he didn't do the swimming portion, I think he was filling in for someone).  Anyways, he biked 55 km in under his goal of 2 hours (1:58.45) and I've attached some pics below for you to see.  Just wanted to keep you updated on life and have a great rest of the season.  I'm sad I won't be there for any of the meets this year but please send my wishes of good luck onto the team and let them know I miss them lots!
- Annaliese

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POOM (Peem's dad) said...

Peem missed the turn to the finish line posing for Annaliese for this picture. 555!