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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Player Profile!


Tom (aka TommyBon) is a FREESTYLER/IMer from YOUNGSTOWN, OH. Tom isn't the only thing that came out of Ohio, Youngstown produced 6% of the world's steel at one time! Check out Tom's blog: He also wants everyone to eat tuna.

Academic Interests: Psychology Major, Philosophy Minor, Applied Mathematics Concentration

Hidden Talent: Tom can do a complete brake job on a car in under 2 hours - impressive!

Favorite Dessert: Monster Cookies - peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips and m&m's

If Tom could bring one thing to a deserted island, he would bring his jeep, Commando, so he could move about the island conquering any and all obstacles that stand in his way (living and nonliving).

1 comment:

DrakeDaddy said...

Yeahhhhh Budddaaaayyyyy!!
Bet you thought i was out of the picture!