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Friday, May 20, 2011


I don't mind bragging a little bit about how great Bates is in terms of providing excellent opportunities for our students.  Recently our Career Development Center teamed up with Advancement and Athletics to put on a program called "GAME Day" (Gaining Athletic Mentors' Experience).  In short, Bates invites back nearly a dozen of their most successful alums (i.e. Peter Carlisle '91, Octagon Sports, Phelp's Sports Agent) and asks them to talk about how current students can parlay their athletic and academic experiences at Bates into internships, opportunities, and careers.

There is a presentation, panel discussion, and the ever so important networking.  Lots of connections are made, lots of light bulbs go off, and future plans start to develop.  It's an amazing event that all our students should never miss.  I saw freshman through seniors there, and all had a chance to sit down with alums and talk about how they journeyed from Bates into their current career.  Many students landed interviews for internships and jobs!

Well done Bates College.   Click here to read more... and don't miss out on the 30 career tips too!

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