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Thursday, March 3, 2011


This year the Bates Swimming and Diving program took another positive step toward being a top-tier national program.  The team started early in the Fall by getting in great shape for our Nov. 1st start date.  In my four years here I haven’t seen a larger group more motivated to train together - and when the season officially started they bought into my desires for a longer and more demanding conditioning and aerobic phase.  By January, everyone held faster paces and significantly changed their training thresholds.  Even with practices becoming more demanding they raced fast in dual meets - while lifting, hitting the dryland routine, and handling the academic demands of the college (GPA - 3.15 Men / 3.31 Women).  Finally, they wrapped up the year with a phenomenal championship meet, and the numbers that prove it!  The first stat says it all… but continue on to be impressed.

- Lifetime Bests at NESCACs: 136! (71 Women / 65 Men)
- 19 New College Records
- 17 Individual NESCAC Top 8 Performances
- 7 NCAA B-Cuts
- 5 ALL NESCAC Performance (Top 3)
- Best NESCAC Finish since 2003 (Both teams)
- 1st Men’s NESCAC Champion – Won Ho Chang 200 Fly (1:52.1)
- Most Dual Meet victories since 2007
- Women's team won the Colby-Bates-Bowdoin Title!
College Swim Coach Association All-Academic Team (twice)
- 3 Athletes Ranked top 25 in the country
• Charlotte Green 51.8 FS, Kara Leasure 2:21.6 BR, Chang 50.06/1:52.1 Fly

I couldn't be happier with the work that was done around the pool this year - and the progress that was made by the program.  Even better though was that your Bobcats were much more than just athletes.  This year alone I witnessed our swimmers and divers participate in a cappella performances, compete in rowing and track & field competitions, produce a play, star in play, and even create Bates’ first ever Competitive Eating Club. And that is surely just the tip of the iceberg! Most impressive of all though is the fact that our lesson program sold out again - within 35 minutes of sending out the online application!  Over 140 children wanted one-on-one lessons with a member of the team.  To me, that is what speaks loudest about the type of person I get to work with each day.

In Bates,

Peter Casares

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DrakeDaddy said...

High Fives, Exploding knuckle busts and big hugs and back slaps for all!
A-#1 Job well done! to the team and everyone in BOBCAT NATION!

Hey don't forget to send me my shirts and training cap!