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Monday, February 28, 2011

MNESCAC Session V & VI

The last day was our toughest with many of the guys doubling up in the first two days.  Ned was done, Nick was done, and Johns was done at this point - but the Bates Bobcats weren't!

We had lifetime bests from Dan Huston (2), Venka Duvvuri (2), Andrew Buehler, Tom Boniface, Nick Karlson, Pat Carroll, Chris Makrides, Peem Chatikavanij, Kick Sullivan, Alexander McKeown,  and Dan Aupi.

Travis Jones also placed 7th on 3meter and 1meter for his lifetime best scores - and two top 8 finishes! Not bad for having 6 months of diving under your belt, eh?  All in all, we posted 65 lifetime bests.  Add that to the 70 we had with the women and we are sitting at 135 lifetime bests from 43 individuals!  That is averaging more than 3 each if you are doing the math at home!!

The last individual event of the night we also witnessed our first ever Men's NESCAC Champion in Won Ho Chang going 1:52.1 in the 200 fly.  He was third at the final turn and came home VERY fast with a 28.4 split - and first place. Those 4 extra points for first place came in handy as we were up by 8.5 going into the last relay over Hamilton.  As you can imagine, the pressure and intensity going into our last two relays (400 Free A and B) was awesome.

Our B relay stepped up huge all averaging 48.6 and going 3:14, getting 5th behind Hamilton's 4th place finish - only about a tenth behind them. The lead was now 6.5 points with our A in lane 8 and Hamilton's in 7.  Needless to say both teams couldn't have been positioned better for the final showdown.  When all was said and done we saw Won go 47.5, Aupi go 46.3, Scott go 47.4, and Tom Boniface go 47.2.  3:08.67 was .5 off our school record, but more importantly... .01 ahead of the Hamilton team!

YEAH  .01.  7th place was ours... one slot ahead of last year's finish - our best since '03 - and most importantly, it followed a year full of adversity and challenges.  Bottom line, when you lose two of your expected A relays guys (on 4 of the relays) - another is sick at the meet, and a fourth is coming off a broken ankle, well, you have two choices; either feel bad and give it your all, or see it as an opportunity for others to step up and play a major role.   We chose B.

We saw team captains swim the best times of their life, we saw a freshman walk-on score 1 point in the 100 back.  And we witnessed greatness from every single individual in between. It was truly a great experience - one that wouldn't have happened if they were swimming for themselves instead of for Bates College.  It is amazing what can happen when you put the program ahead of yourself.

In Bates,



DrakeDaddy said...

Awesome Guys! Absolutely freaking Awesome!
You guys ROCK! Way to man up and make Bates Bobcats Swimming and Diving what it IS today!
Bobcat nation is extremely PROUD of all the hard work, dedication and success!

Those shirts musta worked their magic you for guys as well!
; DD

Anonymous said...

Magic shirts!

Point-O-One !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gotta love a great race!

gotta love this team!

RMcC(L) said...

Amazing to read your post, Coach. I wasn't imagining what I saw: I tuned in late Sunday evening to see how the evening went, and couldn't help notice how the rankings moved along with the evening, staying neck and neck with Ham for 7th. They pulled ahead at one point, and then a Relay brought you ahead by a mere 2points and you kept it. Great, great teamwork and individual performances. Congratulations to both teams, Men and Women! And thanks again, Coach, for a great season! Get some rest!

Go 'Cats...

- RMcC(L)

POOM Poom said...

This is such a well written recap that for me to add anything would be detrimental. I just want to say that it was a once-in-a-life-time privilege for us to have witnessed all the maturity in both the performance and all the Bates swimmers, men and women, over the past 4 years. Thanks Coach Casares for leading and mentoring them.

Go Bates !!!

Anonymous said...

When does next season start??

Pat's mom said...

Due in part to mother nature and other aligning forces, I WAS in the stands to watch the Sunday evening session.

WOW!! that's all I can say. It kinds sums it all up......

Coach, you are amazing. Yeah, the boys were pretty awesome too, but I was one of the Bates swim moms on that 2007-08 team who cheered just as loud and proud for our 9 lonely swimmers at Middlebury. My, how far we have come - and it truly is because of you, I should know.....

Even though we will not be official swim parents next year, know that we will be watching and cheering just the same. Once a Bobcat, always a Bobcat!

Cathy Carroll

Mark said...


Gregg said...

Great swims! Hope they are hungry for more next year, and everyone stays healthy. Staying in shape over the summer is key for a great season.