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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

National Performance Index

A very cool report on came out yesterday - the AvidaSports Performance Index.   A new NCAA rule this year mandates all coaches send their meet results to USA Swimming's "Top Times Database."  This allows the national meet to selected without coaches fretting over POP forms, and keeps tracks of swimmers, times, and info that I figure both the NCAA and USA Swimming want.  Even better is that places like have tons of "swimming nerd" data to drool over now!  I love this stuff.

My good buddy Greg Earhart, founder of and Head Coach at Carthage College, came up with the notion of rating two equally-weighted metrics - a team's rate of improvement over their previous season-best times, and their overall ranking among other NCAA DIII programs.

I knew we swam well last weekend, and it is nice to see concrete feedback that we were better at improving last week than nearly everyone else out there.  Out of over 200 programs our men ranked 6th last week, and our women ranked 3rd.... Yeah, in the nation!

Congrats to the whole team for taking advantage of our last dual meet of the season, against the best competition in the state, and right before finals!  Truly an amazing feat.

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Chris said...

I don't understand this at all, but I love that Bates is the best at it!