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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Greetings From Abroad!

Ciao Tutti!
Hope you all make way for my arrival back, cause I'm bringing home the biggest Italian food baby ever. Just kidding...but really...
Baci! ("kisses!")

Hey team!  I just want to clear the air and let everyone know, despite
what rumors may have been circulating, I will probably be coming back from
Austria… probably ;)
Good luck against UMaine!
Ned w/ the 2 fastest swimmers in Austria, Oliver and Attila the Hun.

I've been to Sicily and Sardenja, dined in Paris and raved in Amsterdam. I've lived for four months in Rome, but (click my heels 3 times) there's no place like Home!
See you soon Batesies!   <3 Emily

When in Rome… do like the pros do - win the Italian lottery (winnings aren't taxed) and marry your teacher.
-Alex Mckeown

Bonjour bobcats!  France has been lovely, but the only problem is that I now have a hard time speaking anything but franglais.

Ni hao bobcats, I peed in the street today and thought of you! I’m really living life here in China and loving it! miss you all, wo ai nimen. xoxo Liv

“Down under…anything goes.”
-Matt Lipoff

p.s. We would like to preemptively thank Peter Casares for offering us our own lane to last throughout training trip. Thanks Coach!


Hope said...

my little bobkittens are all grown up! i miss you guys. everyone to boston soon, thanks!

ps nedders did you steal john bay's girlfriend over there?


Anonymous said...

Hopey, I'm pretty sure we agreed to go on a break. So please leave John Bay's gf out of this, and I want my favorite belt back too.
ps. if you pick me up from Logan on the 20th, dinners on me ;)