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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Top Jock Schools?!

Bates College annually receives national attention for it's academic prestige being a US News and World Report "most selective" and top ranked institution.  That simply doesn't happen without tremendous professors and clear alumni success.

Bates also is known for it's progressive approach to education with test scores optional since 1986, and our Short Term in May.

And our study-abroad program has a higher percentage of students involved than any other school in the NESCAC(btw, athletes can partake in abroad programs during Short Term if you don't want to miss a season!)

And now today we learn that Newsweek placed Bates 4th on the "Top 25 Schools Stocked with Jocks" list?!

As you clearly know, Bates is where you go to challenge yourself academically, and surround yourself with opportunities that will help you succeed in life - not professional sports. Being on a list right behind the likes of Nebraska and Alabama truly is somewhat eye opening.  As I see it though, Bates has long been a proponent of advancing the mind and body, and it makes perfect sense that a school that truly believes in a holistic approach to education would be very supportive of their student-athletes.

Further, the universities ranked ahead of us have more people attending than the entire population of Lewiston - so being the first small college on the list is something that definitely makes me proud.  To do academics and athletic right, at this level, and gain national attention for it, definitely means Bates Athletics, and specifically, Bates Swimming and Diving, are part of something that will only be getting better!

Read below to see the article.

- Coach Casares

The 25 Schools Stocked With Jocks

4. Bates College

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Phyllis Graber Jensen / Courtesy of Bates College

Located in Lewiston, Maine, Bates College is rooted in inclusiveness. Founded in 1855 by abolitionists, it was one of the first higher-learning institutions to admit people of color, and later, women. Today, the college says it maintains its all-inclusive standards by prohibiting fraternities and sororities on campus.

Approximately 1,700 people make up the student body at Bates, 47 percent of which play on varsity teams, placing it in the No. 4 spot on Newsweek’s list of schools for athletes.  With its Peace Corps–friendly student body and 21 percent of its federal work-study funds spent on community service, Bates ranks as the sixth most service-minded school.*

All those athletes and altruists must enjoy the school’s 109 acres (which include the Bates-Morse Mountain Conservation Area for environmental research and education, 40 miles northeast of campus on Maine’s coast) as the school claims an impressive 96 percent return rate for first-year students. 
*For the complete college rankings from Washington Monthly, visit their website at:


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