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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Player Profile! Carly Hinkle '14

The next new Bobcat you will get to meet is Caroline Hinkle. Caroline is from Arlington, VA. Most people know Arlington as the place to find memorials such as the Iwo Jima Marine Memorial, but the city also produces awesome swimmers like Carly!

What other schools did you consider during your college search?  Why did you choose Bates?
I considered a few of the NESCAC schools and St. Mary's College of Maryland. I picked Bates because of the location, people, and academics.

What is your favorite and least favorite stroke/events? 
My favorite strokes are freestyle and butterfly, and I love sprinting. My favorite events are the 50 free, 100 free, and 100 fly. I really don't enjoy any distance longer than 200 yards and anything that involves breaststroke.

Do you know what field you are going to major in?
Undecided, but thinking about Biology.

Who is your favorite superhero? What kind of Bobcat qualities does your superhero have?
My favorite superhero is "Stupendous Man" from the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip. Stupendous Man is Calvin's imaginary alter ego. Stupendous man never backs down, just like a bobcat. And they're both stupendous.

Any hobbies?
Reading, cooking, cross word puzzles

Cool places you've visited?
Los Angeles, Miami, Boston, New York City, Bar Harbor, Niagra Falls, live near Washington D.C.

 On the following 1-5 scale, how would you rate your excitement to get your degree and swim at Bates?
1 - extremely excited
2 - wildly excited
3 - uber excited
4 - infinitely excited
5 - my excitement extends beyond the bounds of infinity

Thanks, Carly!  We are psyched to have you on the team.

-Coach Jake

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