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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Bobcat - Taylor Roach

We have some very fast and cool incoming freshman this year. In fact, we think that they are so cool that we figured we ought to put a small bio for them on The Chronicle. As they each tell me about themselves I will post their bio's here as quickly as possible.

First up, we have Taylor Roach. Taylor's home is right nearby in NorthYarmouth, ME! She is a sprint freestyler and had an incredible time attending the Bates College Swim Camp a couple summers ago.  The staff's passion for fast swimming and good company has always helped to prepare and inspire swimmers to be faster than they were before.

Here is a little about Taylor:

What initially attracted you to Bates / how did you find out about the school?
I was first attracted to Bates College during the summer of 2008, as the campus was the location of the awesome swim camp my friends and I attended that year. We came back for more the next summer, falling, easily, in love with the teaching styles and constant upbeat encouragement of Coach Casares and the entire fun-loving staff.

What other schools did you consider during your college search? Why did you choose Bates?
I applied to nine different schools during the fall of my senior year of high school. A number of those include: Bowdoin College, Tufts University, College of the Holy Cross, and Boston College. I applied Early Decision II to Bates because I fell in love with the campus, the welcoming community atmosphere, the incredible friendliness of the students and faculty, the phenomenal food at Commons, the college’s commitment to success, and all of the wonderful opportunities Bates offers its students.

Who is your favorite superhero? What kind of Bobcat qualities does your superhero have?
My favorite superhero would have to be Batman. He may not be bulletproof or able to swing from a web, but he has the heart and determination to defeat any foe he comes up against. He also is supportive of and works together with his loyal sidekick, Robin, to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. I think the qualities of bravery, determination, support, loyalty and togetherness are those of a true Bobcat.

What is your favorite and least favorite stroke/events?
My favorite stroke is freestyle and my least favorite stroke is butterfly, (I look like I’m drowning when I swim it.) My favorite events are the 100 freestyle, 400 freestyle relay, and the 200 freestyle relay. My least favorite events are any butterfly events.

Any hobbies?
Hobbies besides swimming include: spending time with friends and family, playing tennis, and playing fetch with my golden retrievers.

Do you know what field you are going to major in?
I am going to major in biology to pursue becoming either a doctor or a marine biologist, (I’m not quite sure which yet.)

On the following 1-5 scale, how would you rate your excitement to get your degree and swim at Bates?
1 - extremely excited
2 - wildly excited
3 - uber excited
4 - infinitely excited
5 - my excitement extends beyond the bounds of infinity
I would have to rate my excitement to get my degree and swim for Bates as 5 - my excitement extends beyond the bounds of infinity!!

Thanks, Taylor!  You are surely going to be a valuable asset to the team.

- Coach Jake

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