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Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Bobcat - Lyndsay Wallace

Next, we would like to introduce Lyndsay Wallace!

Lyndsay is a sprint freestyler from Middletown in Delaware, but also has a home nearby in Minot, ME (click on the map to enlarge). Her father, Bill Wallace coaches swimming at the St. Andrew's School in Delaware.  We were very fortunate to have both Lindsay and her father involved with the Bates Swim camp - Lyndsay swimming and Bill coaching.

Now for a little bit about Lyndsay:

What is your favorite and least favorite stroke/events?
My favorite stroke is freestyle, my least favorite is butterfly. I like to swim shorter length events generally but I'll do almost anything. Although I'd severely dislike anything over a 500...

What other schools did you consider during your college search?  Why did you choose Bates?
Though I looked at 15 schools in total, when narrowing down my final choices to apply to, Roger Williams University in Bristol, RI,  Washington College in Chestertown, MD, and Bates were the three that I ultimately looked at seriously. I wanted a swimming program available to me, and I wanted some sort of proximity to family (RI is where my grandparents live, Washington College is 45 minutes from my home in Delaware, and Bates is near my home in Minot ME). I ultimately applied ED to Bates primarily because of the feel I got on my visits, because of the swim coach, and because it offered a wide variety of courses.

Any hobbies?
I like playing soccer and lacrosse, hiking, camping, eating...

Cool places you've visited?
Haven't left the continent so probably not nearly as cool as the answers that everyone else must have.

Do you know what field you are going to major in?
I'm interested in Sociology and Environmental Science but I don't know yet for sure.

Anything else interesting about yourself that you would like to share?
I can pop my shoulders out?

On the following 1-5 scale, how would you rate your excitement to get your degree and swim at Bates?
1 - Extremely excited
2 - Wildly excited
3 - Uber excited
4 - Infinitly excited
5 - My excitement extends beyond the bounds of infinity
All of the above!

Thanks, Lyndsay!  It is going to be really exciting to see how much time you drop this year.

- Coach Jake

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