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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dana Scholar Award Winner

This was just received over email:

To Faculty and Staff:

As you know, each year ten men and ten women are selected from the first year class to be Dana Scholars. Students are nominated by faculty members, administrative staff, leaders of campus organizations, and Dana Scholars in the upper classes at the conclusion of the academic year. We are pleased to announce the Dana Scholars selected from the Class of 2013. These individuals achieved an average GPA of 3.86, had a rich diversity of extracurricular contributions, and submitted thoughtful, often provocative essays in support of their candidacy. We thank the faculty and others for helping with the nomination process with special thanks to the final selection committee – Matthew Cote, Judith Head, and James Reese.

Congratulations to Travis Jones for being a Dana Scholar for the class of 2013!  Being chosen as a Dana Scholar is regarded as the highest honor that is bestowed on a first-year student.  Nice work, Travis!

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POOM Chatikavanij said...

Congratulation Travis, from Bangkok