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Monday, May 17, 2010

Breakfast Tacos at Masa

Breakfast Tacos at Masa (Click the title to watch the video!)

My best friend from college, Gregory Stevcic, is quickly becoming the most famous chef in Boston. A 4 year MVP and All-American for Gettysburg College Soccer, he never missed a swim season, and always found a way to get inspired and go lifetime bests at our conference championships. Always qualifying for the championship final in the 200 IM!

He is another reason why I am here at Bates, coaching DIII. Greg simply knew how to do it all. If I can do one thing here it would be to get people inspired about what they can achieve - and how good they are when they put their mind to something. Greg loved life, and loves to cook, and I benefited greatly my 4 years during every cookout! It's no surprise his talents have paid off by becoming an executive chef at both MASA restaurants in Boston... and he is taking the restaurant to new heights. Greg could do that on the pitch, in the pool, and with our friendship. Congrats buddy!

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