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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bill Boomer

I learned about the legend of Bill Boomer in the late 90's. I got to meet Boomer at the Men's NESCAC meet in 2008 in Middlebury. An Olympic Coach with a DIII background who thinks outside the box is pretty much everything I dream to be. It was honor to talk with him then, and this year when we returned to Midd for Women's NESCACs we became even a bit closer. Fantastic conversations flew all weekend, and he even took some time to work with my athletes on a few things that made immediate difference (he did invent the track start you know). Check out this video and you'll start to get a bit of a feel for some of the things that keep my mind busy. Heady stuff, but a lot of it we can all wrap our brains around.

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