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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Short Term!

Spring Time on a College Campus... normally it's tough to see the great weather show up as more hours in the library and/or staring at a computer screen becomes a necessity due to looming papers and final exams. However, here at Bates everyone has just broke out the wiffleball bates, frisbees, and hiking boots. I actually had two swimmers swing by yesterday "to complete their third leg of the country club triathlon; tennis, bocce, and swimming." What an afternoon! It's not all outdoorsy and carefree though, all students still have a chosen in-depth class to attend to (read below for more on that). Still, the atmosphere is like no other!

The Short Term provides an unusual opportunity for a variety of educational programs, frequently off campus, that cannot be offered in the regular semesters. These include marine biological studies at stations on the coast of Maine; geology fieldwork in the American Southwest, Hawaii, Canada, and Scotland; and art, theater, and music studies in New York City and Europe. The spring term allows time for archeological investigations by students in history and anthropology; field projects for students in economics,sociology, and psychology; and social-service internships associated with academic departments and programs. It provides special opportunities, on and off campus, for those carrying out laboratory experiments in the natural sciences. The term also allows for programs in foreign countries. Recent off-campus Short Term units have focused on the study of Shakespearean drama and Renaissance culture in England; landscape painting and art history in Italy; anthropological study in Bali, Greece, and Jamaica; conservation studies in Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands, and Costa Rica; the study of economics in China and Taiwan; the history of the Cuban Revolution in Cuba; the study of indigenous politics in Mexico; the production of a Hungarian play in translation at a professional theatre in Budapest; and documentary production in Croatia and Yugoslavia.

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