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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Katelyn Drake Write Up!

The article linked here came out in the local paper today... Congrats Katelyn!


DrakeDaddy said...

What can i say... i'm speechless.
Congratulations KED! Thank you Coach Pete and Coach Brett for what you have done for Katelyn these last four years in the pool and on the turf as a Bobcat!

Swim Cap... $5.00
Lacrosse Stick...$150.00
Bates' Four Year Wonder... Priceless.

Anonymous said...

yer makin' me cry, drakedaddy! awesome kid...beautiful bobcat!

e.swenson said...

wow that is totally awesome. and totally impressive.
so proud of my little bobcat!

TatoMom said...

What a wonderful article about Katelyn! She is an amazing young lady - the quintessential scholar-athlete. The students at Culver Academy don't know how lucky they are to be getting Katelyn as their teacher and coach.