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Monday, January 4, 2010

Florida Picts!

Happy New Year to All!

We started with awesome weather and great training... and right now the only thing left is the great training. The team remains positive though, and practices remain productive. Below are few of my favorite shots from the week. Enjoy!

Recovery Practice Celebration!
Stretch Cords with Allie Lizars!
Mike Hanley showing off his new tat
Peem Working Hard
Olivia Getting Ready To!
Pat Showing off his Ups
Abigail Hanson staying warm (and happy!)
Matt Lipoff and Coach Abby at Matt's birthday dinner
Carole, Liv, Meg, Jill, and Tato enjoying a great dinner
Mornings at the Long Course Meter Pool

Overhead Shot
Making Interval (with the Bobcat's Help!)
Katelyn and Tom
LCM Training!

And Warm Weather Coaching

1 comment:

DrakeDaddy said...

Good to see that a little "chill in the air" doesn't damper the "Commitment to Excellence". (Stole that from Al Davis and the LA Raiders)
Keep up the Hard work, Sticking through this unexpected adversity will only bring that much more benefit to the upcoming season! I hereby change this year's theme to "Better. Stronger. Faster. COLDER!"
1...2...3... DOMINATE!
(KED love the snorkel!)