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Monday, December 14, 2009

UMaine Recap

With exam week looming the Bobcats headed 2 hours north to a blustery and cold University of Maine campus - ready to embrace the opportunity to take on the best in the state. With gusts of wind seemingly pushing us back onto the bus, the team began their afternoon with determination... and a desire to let their performances decide the outcome.

Both meets easily surpassed expectations with solid performances up and down the roster. Our women have been training at an exceptionally high level, and their 200's and up showed off even splits, and come-from-behind finishes. In the end, they walked away with 7 victories out of 16 events (two on both boards!)... against a D1 scholarship team, a great indicator of the overall success.

The men's meet was a thriller.. at no point did either team have more than a 9 point lead. In the end, with the help of Travis Jones on the diving boards, our boys jumped in 3 points behind UMO - needing a win in the 400 free relay to walk out victorious. In true Bobcat fashion they swam with deterimination, and pulled out the victory by 2 tenths... 3:16.6 to 3:16.8! Interestingly, they not only won the meet, but the crowd as an eruption of cheering exploded throughout the natatorium! Check out meet results here to read more. Watch the video below to see the exciting finish


tom said...

ryans chest bump....thats all

Anonymous said...

What a video. I sat here over my morning coffee and cried. Each leg was beautiful. Go Bobcats!

DrakeDaddy said...

Rock-it!!! Way to go Boyz! Smellin' the chlorine under my fingernails from this AM swim makes it even better! GOOOOOO 'CATS...SWIM FAST!

Joe Strike said...

Haha, gotta respect the other guy for going for in on that first 50 of the last leg. Smart swimming by Ned (?) though, in terms of not panicking and getting into the wall.

Your relay starts were much better than theirs. It makes a big difference!

Anonymous said...

Joe, everyone loves a close finish, I'm glad you could recognize what I was doing there.

Sincerely ;)

Anonymous said...

Umaine doesn't give scholarships to the men's swimming team, but nice try.