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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Alumni Update! Emily Swenson '08

Emilie, as we suspected, saving the world...

hey coach,
quick synopsis.
for the next year i will be living in hungary and working with the roma gadje dialogue through a service organization (, which works with the roma population (gypsies) throughout europe. the roma, in southwestern hungary (where i will be), and also throughout hungary and europe, face severe discrimination and suffer from chronic unemployment in many cases. i will be working in a school - the morning with kindergartners and in the afternoon with older children. i begin language training on sept 6 for 2 weeks near lake balaton (the largest inland body of water in europe, outside of scandanavia) with some other europeans (danes, germans, and french). other volunteers from ukraine and hungary will join us for a third week of general orientation. after three weeks by the lake i'll head off to my village (magyarmecske, population about 400-500) and begin my work!

happy back to school!


1 comment:

M said...

that's so cool, i was just reading an article about roma children being forced to steal. have fun over there emilie!