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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Alumni Update, Chris Berry '09

I'm currently working as an account executive at ImageTech, a Xerox subsidiary in Canton, MA. It's definitely not a job for everyone, but it's got the same team mentality, competition, and goal-orientation that the swim team does. It definitely keeps me busy, but I love it. The only difference is that instead of getting in shape, I get a paycheck :)

I'm living in Foxboro with a guy I've been best friends with since 3rd grade, in an apartment that's awesome (even though it still needs a couch...). I have my Bates Swimming and Diving banner on the wall in my room, and Ryan Lochte
blowing bubble rings in my living room.

If anyone's in the area, don't be a stranger. Don't worry, Peem, I'll be back for homecoming, and probably some of the bigger events, especially second semester after Charlotte gets back from Scotland.

Good luck with the season, and enjoy the hard work.

Yeah buddy!

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