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Thursday, August 13, 2009


Trying out a new template... this site might experience a few kinks as I work things out.

Tell me what you think, and if there is anything missing from the first site that you want back!


Anonymous said...

Too generic, canned looking. There is no Bates flavor. How about change of color, add logo, ANYTHING!!

Anonymous said...

Need better photo of you on your profile. (Assume this will be a recruiting tool.) This pic is fine if you already know you. Otherwise not very "coachy". Where's that 100 W smile that makes my child want to swim for the B'cats?!?

DrakeDaddy said...

I would agree with the two previous comments being a graphic /web designer myself. Content wise is great! Swimming techiques, other coaching viewpoints, how other successful swimmers swim and train, and don't forget Ronnie and the "fun" stuff. I suggest the school colors garnet and grey maybe with a third color accent to liven it up (Turqouise water blue?), show the Bobcat or your swimming banner as an identifier/icon. A more approachable photo of you is a good comment from the recruiting side, after all you aren't a crotchety old Vince Lombardi looking kinda guy, your "youthful" visage should be appealing to recruits. The "Spotlights" were good too. It helps build team chemistry as swimmers get to know teammates better, learn something maybe they didn't know like how Peem has developed a "dedicate bronchus" while over in Japan. Maybe add one more thing to develop interaction and response for the blog. Contests? Submit you favorite practice tunes and psych up songs for a vote and use in practice? Offer nominations for "Bobcat of the week" people can nominate someone, say why they are nominating them for something good they did that week, winners get lunch with coach? Plus good one on one time for you. And don't forget T-Bone's video's... who doesn't love watching youtube videos with good music and a few "Yeah Buddays!"
Overall I look forward to visiting the Bobcat Chronicle! Keep up the good work and looking forward to this season!
Go Bobcats!