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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Player Profile: Matt Lipoff '12

Matt's Dad sent me this picture yesterday with the subject: Matt's training regimen. Classic.

Matt Lipoff '12

Hometown: Glencoe, IL

Major: Math

Event(s): 50/100/200 Free (and some random things like 100 IM and 200 breast)

Favorite meal at Commons (so far): Popcorn Shrimp

Favorite Whatever

-Sports Team: Chicago Cubs/Bears/Bulls and Northwestern Wildcats

-Musician: The Shins

-TV Shows: Entourage, Weeds, Lost

-Food: Thai (YAY PEEM)

Hobby / Free Time:

-In my spare time I enjoy talking, taking long walks on the beach,

reading one of my many leather bound books, composing sonnets,

lamenting the downfall of the American consumer culture, playing long

games of Madden and Mario Kart, cozying up by a fire with a mug of hot

coco and daydreaming.

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