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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Swim Across America Update

I woke up at 5:00 AM this past Saturday to drive 2 1/2 hours from Glastonbury CT to Nantasket Beach MA, and take on my first open water swim. The water was 60 degrees at 9:00 AM when we hopped in - and after about 5 straight minutes of thinking of every possible excuse to stop - I finally warmed up and found some sort of rhythm that allowed me to finish in about 23 minutes (not exactly sure of the time... it was all a blur when I surfaced. BTW, normal pool temp is 82!). Ally tells me I did pretty well and finished in the top half... However I was sent a photo showing two females coming out at the same time as me (not good seeing that I had a 5 minute head start)!

All in all, our team raised nearly $3,500! I am still waiting for the total from the conference - there were over 50 athletes from the NESCAC there. It was a fantastic experience. As the event wrapped up we heard from Olympic medalist Jenny Thompson (her mother and former coach (Richard Quick) both recently passed from cancer), but the most inspiring story came from a 40 year old mother of 3 who lives in Clinton, NY. After 12 surgeries in the past 10 years, and with no other options left, she drove to the Dana Farber institute for a clinical trial of a drug that has now stopped her cancer from spreading for the past 28 months - allowing her regain her life, and even join us in the swim! She thanked us all from the bottom of her heart. It was emotional to say the least.

It was a special day all the way around. From competing alongside my athletes, to catching up with a few great coaches in the NESCAC, to swimming in honor of Chuck Harvey, well honestly, I couldn't have asked for anything more.

Thanks again to Abigail Hanson for putting our team together, and of course Carole, Pit, Charlotte, and Abigail for swimming alongside me - and representing Bates at it's best!


Charlotte, Carole, Ryan, Casares, and Abigail after the race

Of course my wife brought the family to cheer on the Bates team!

This just in...

Peem went the "extra mile" and raised money, found a pool, and got a teammate to join him in...

(very cool to think swim across america is actually swim across the WORLD!)


Dear Pete,

I hope the swim across america went well for you and all the other bates kids that were doing it. How was the water? did you have to wear a wet suite? I did mine here in bangkok, I wasn't able to find a nice pond to do it in (all were pretty dirty), and the ocean was 3 hours away from my house. So i resolved to swimming it in the pool in Bangkok. 1700 meters in the amazingly slow time of 27 minutes and 43 seconds. I also did it with one of my friends little cousin, whom had started swimming for three years now. Anyway hope your summer is going well, will see you in one month and 9 days.




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casares, damn bro u look good in a blu70