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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Spring Time Up Date

We've had our banquet, Winter exams have been taken, and now the team is well into their beloved Short Term! 

Nothing could be better than Spring time in Maine - and for me, this Spring has been better than ever. Some teams enjoy the break from training and, many times, each other. In contrast, it seems this group looks hard for excuses to get together.  They have been teaching swim lessons to kids in the community, playing intramural softball (the team is cleverly named, "Who Wansit?" after our buddy Peem!), and a bunch of them keep getting together to work out in the weight room and/or pool.  We also had a great barbecue last weekend in which the team flew through more food than you can imagine.  Eating good food, tossing the 'bee, kicking the soccer ball, and chasing the Casares' dog around turned out to be a real good time.

We have also wrapped up our recruiting for the year and we couldn't be more pumped about the 12 freshman joining the team next year.  They bring a great mix of talent, desire, and energy.  I have always had two simple rules for membership onto the Bates Swimming and Diving program... 1) An honest desire to improve. 2) An honest desire to help your teammates improve. They seem to truly get this notion, and I know their transition onto the team will go smoothly.

Finally we have elected our captains for next year!  Katelyn Drake and Sarah Reingold will lead up the women's team.  Peem Chatikavanij and Jake MacNaughton will be at the helm for the men. I am both excited and honored to work these great leaders and know next year could be our best year to date! 
Pictures and more updates to come...

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations new captains!! I know you will lead the team to the new horizon that is Bates Swimming and Diving. May be I can actually make my way up to campus next year and sing the national anthem once again!!

J. DeMatteo