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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Team Lessons!

Each Fall and Spring the Bates Swimming and Diving team offers a lesson program for kids in the community. This Spring we saw over 60 local kids get one on one lessons from a member of the team. Each lesson lasted 1/2 hour and each student met with the same swimmer 8 times. As you can imagine, the learning that took place was phenomenal. Even better though was watching my swimmers interact with kids from the community. The smiles were shared by all - and everyone had a blast! 

and of course, I had to show off my little guy!


DrakeDaddy said...

Nicely done! Sounds like a GREAT PROGRAM and a win-win for all involved! Looks like Berry's backstroke records are SURE TO FALL in a few years or so!

Anonymous said...

was T-Bone involved?...
...GETTING lessons that is!

Anonymous said...

haha drake daddy, next year girls nescacs youre hangin with us

Anonymous said...

...No no, i don't think i want YOU anywhere NEAR my expensive recording equipment. i like being up in my little corner just fine.

GO TRIBE! Opening Day for Spankmees & "CC" who I heard changed his intials to "$$".

Anonymous said...

Okay, suit yourself drake daddy, but don't come runnin' to me when you need a high five.


DrakeDaddy said...

I'm sure high fivers will be flyin' when those records continue to fall!
Poor poor Spankmees LOST their home opener in their palacial new home.